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Bijou K. six tracks' album

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

My inspiration comes from God. I always find a quiet place where I can pray and ask God to give me inspiration for a subject people may have a particular need for.

It can be for healing, encouragement, deliverance, or anything else He puts on my heart. Once I know the topic, I look for scriptures in the Bible that specifically address that topic.

After that, I start writing the lyrics, letting the Holy Spirit lead me. This process can take days or weeks, but it teaches me to seek God’s presence and his guidance to write my songs.

I am fortunate to speak three languages, Lingala from (DRC), French and English. Therefore, some of my songs will be entirely in French or in English.

Sometimes, it will be a mix of all three languages in the same song.

My goal is to have as many people understand the message of my songs and be blessed.


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