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Bijou K. featuring Grace Lokwa

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Unexpected divine connection!

This story definitely showed me that God works even when we are unaware. Miles and miles away from North Carolina, God used one of my sisters who lives in Paris, France, just as He used Mordecai for Esther, to position me into my destiny. (By the way, I encourage you to read the book of Esther in the Bible to have a better understanding of her powerful story in case you are not familiar with it.)

In February 2023, my sister contacted Gospel singer and Minister Grace Lokwa on social media (he lives in Congo (DRC)). His songs blessed her and therefore, she decided to send him one of my Instagram videos (cover song). She asked him if he would be willing to discuss a potential project featuring one of my songs. In less than 48 hours, Minister Grace Lokwa replied to my sister advising her that he usually does not open random messages on his social media account. However, he informed her that he felt God lead him to open the message and he felt a special peace about moving forward with the featuring project after he prayed about it.

In the meantime, I was not aware that all this was taking place. Everything was presented to me in March 2023. From there, we started planning the featuring project and a concert with Minister Grace Lokwa. All this to say that if it weren't for God using both of them to kick off this journey, Bijou K. Ministry wouldn't exist.

It is so humbling and exciting to see what God has in store for Minister Grace Lokwa and Bijou K. as a collaboration to further His kingdom. I encourage all of us to be still and know He his God - Psalms 46:10


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